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| Designbest editorial staff


p-to-date, clean and simple lines, but also intimate and refined; this is a fresh new approach to bedroom decorating. In the centre of the room, a double bed in chalky-white for a modern approach and next to it, a lightweight coffee table; this is an updated version of a classic piece. A reference to the simplicity of Nordic homes is clear. However, optical patterns and details in black can make this space feel more current, “sprinkle” them here and there among carefully chosen pieces in pure-white. For a warm feel: two retro lamps, soft furnishings in natural colours and parquet flooring, which wraps both walls and ceiling like a warm hug. 



Our must-have

A squared bed.

This piece has a sharp and clean-cut silhouette; it looks as if it’s drawn with a ruler. However, this version in pure-white can be customized by adding textiles in natural colours, floral prints, geometric patterns or bold colours.

Furniture in pure-white.

It’s a known fact: white brightens up any space and exudes a sense of calmness, cleanliness and wellbeing. And it even helps us to dream. So, do you need something more to convince yourself that white is the perfect bedroom colour? 


Our style notes

Matching wall and flooring.

Clad floor and ceiling in parquet; this free-flowing scheme is instantly soothing. However, avoid having the same vibe as an “old mountain lodge”, by picking natural tones.  

Vintage lamps.

Certainly, design addicts won’t have missed this detail: two lamps, which come from historical design archives. This iconic reference is in great taste.   

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