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Novamobili, Gordon bed

| Designbest editorial staff


ridescent hues, smoky gray tones and graphical accents create a bedroom with delicate, enveloping and comforting elegance. This is metropolitan style with a more discrete look that takes inspiration from Nordic atmospheres and interprets them with soft and sinuous graphic elements. This results in a timeless mood that invites one to relaxation and intimacy, according to the hygge philosophy. There are no bells and whistles, but neither are the lines too austere. Relaxing becomes a private embrace that turns the traditional familial atmosphere into a bedroom with sophisticated, contemporary and impeccable style.

Style details

The fabric bed.

Bright gray, as set out by the trends of 2021, and soft fabric creates an even more enveloping look.

The adjustable lamp.

The classic table version with an adjustable arm moves to the wall and becomes a bold graphical alternative to the classic bedside lamp.

The asymmetrical rug.

The carpets of the moment are spectacular and artistic with unexpected geometries, 3D textures and minimalist graphic design.

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