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Cerim, collection Artifact

| Designbest editorial staff


he shades of grey, cleverly mixed together, decorate the bedroom with an intimate, refined elegance, although the décor isn’t by all means austere. The deeper nuances of graphite, led and slate are in juxtaposition to iridescent light and the glare of white, defining the space with a game of shadows and contrasts. Furniture, textiles and surfaces create a strong contrast of light and dark, the perfect mood for bedtime: dramatic, enveloping and current. For your timeless haven.

Style details

Overlaid blankets.

The mid-season bed is dressed with layers of blankets: filmy throws or ultra-soft quilts. For personalised comfort.

A two-seater.

Soft, curved, welcoming and familiar. The two-seater goes from being a key player in the living room to the perfect bedroom piece.

Shades of grey.

Velvety (darker tones) as well as creamy (lighter ones) shades of grey: metallic reflections are on trend right now and this is their more stylish interpretation. 




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