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Lea Ceramiche, collection Trame

| Designbest editorial staff


ur latest bedroom scheme is fresh and modern with geometric patterns and crisp furniture. There’s an unexpected twist however in this tidy and neat bedroom in the way of unconventional patterns and a soothing colour palette. Inspired by a never-ending sky, the feature wall is clad with three-dimensional timber panelling, whereas the minimal timber-framed sideboard is an ironic take on a classic, as well as doubling as a stereo porthole. And what about the lights? Scattered here and there, they create the perfect mood for daydreaming.

Three pieces one style 


This sideboard doubles as a cutting edge stereo, perfect for a teen’s room too.

Tiled panelling.

A modern take on traditional timber panelling, the latest trend.

Pendant lamp.

Streamlined and minimalist, it replaces a standard bedside lamp, adding a chic touch.

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