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Alf Da Frè, bed Cloud

| Designbest editorial staff


inter is coming and we love curling up in bed surrounded by warm fabrics. The large bed takes centre stage and symbolizes the most intimate form of relaxation. Dressed in soft duvets and plaids in earth tones, the bed will make you feel cosy under the covers. What’s more, a soft headboard with two large cushions is complemented by eco-fur rugs that hug the legs of the bed.  This is how you can turn your bedroom into the nest of your dreams offering endless pampering.  Even the bedside table, with its matching drawers, is in line with our emotions. In fact, it appears to be ready to spoil us with coffee and sweet pastries to taste between meals and to wish us goodnight and awake us once more.

Three pieces one style

Padded headboard.

Two large pillows will give your bed a cocoon-like feel.

Cashmere blanket.

A couple of cashmere blankets will keep you warm, adding a sophisticated touch to the room.

Eco-fur carpets.

Inspired by Scandinavian style, a shag pile for instant warmth.

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