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Cassina, Volage collection

| Designbest editorial staff


he bedroom becomes a restful haven filled with light: pastel tones, geometrical patterns and the classic style of leather furnishings set the tone. Here is the bedroom of our summer dreams: the bed takes center stage inviting for resting and dreaming. The matching bench elegantly seats on the leather rug, which is as lightweight and elegant as a cloud. The calf hair armchair with clean-cut yet simple lines references the mismatched bedside tables. Everything here invites for some well-deserved resting.


Our must-haves


Padded headboard.

Large in scale with buttoned upholstery, this headboard provides a calm atmosphere combining comfort and elegant design.


At the foot of the bed, it becomes an ideal divider for protecting the bed – the heart of the house - and providing intimacy. It also provides an additional surface for occasional storage.


Our style nites


Neutral tones.

White, cream and beige: these are the colours of dreams and harmony. These tones are both warm and delicate with a velvety texture for a tactile feel. Mix them up as desired for a casual yet refined atmosphere.

Mismatched bedside tables.

They provide a personal, unique touch to the room. Be sure to opt for clean lines and lightweight materials: two different models, although in contrasting styles, will perfectly match each other.

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