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Lema, bed Madama - design Officinadesign Lema

| Designbest editorial staff


ere, a double bed takes centre stage and thanks to its elongated headboard, is the perfect room divider. On one side there’s a sleeping area with an optical carpet and an ottoman and on the other (behind the bed), there’s a dressing area, a sort of hidden walk-in closet, the paintings are the only visible part. The pendant lamp that lights up both areas acts as a buffer (it replaces a standard beside lamp) and there’s a round coffee table too, a modern take of a traditional bedside table. Intimate and relaxing, this is how you transform a conventional bedroom into a secluded alcove.  

Style details

An optical carpet.

Bold and modern, it adds visual interest as well as a vibrant touch, without being too loud.

A round coffee table.

Replace a standard beside table with a coffee table. Inspired by living furniture, it adds a welcoming touch to your bedroom.

An elongated headboard.

Sleek and overused, this headboard takes centre stage in the bedroom. It doubles as a room divider too.

ph: bed Madama by Lema

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