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Moretti Compact, collection NC105

| Designbest editorial staff


earl grey and sky blue: these are two perfect colours to light up the bedroom. Available in different shades, the two colours mixed together define the volumes of the room with an elegant and rigorous aesthetic and give a fresh and relaxing atmosphere that evokes the magic of the summer just gone by and envelops us in a pleasant dreamy atmosphere. Furniture and accessories, geometric and essential, follow the same mood and give way to the double bed that, full of cushions and with the maxi headboard, is an explicit invitation to relax. Behind it, the full wall glazing allows natural light to filter through and gives us, every evening, the magic of a starry panorama, while the maxi floor lamp imitates classic desk models and prepares the right intimacy for us. The other furnishings, with discretion, think of comfort and functionality: the bergere armchair, the uneven bedside tables, the wardrobe with sliding doors, all maintain an impeccable order, without outbursts of style.

Style details

A bed in fabric.

Wide headboard in a grey tailored fabric, like the bed-ring: this double bed immediately gives a feeling of enveloping softness. With a chic touch.

A glass coffee table.

Instead of the classic bedside tables, a small chest of drawers and an essential table. The effect is more dynamic and contemporary and does not weigh down the environment.

A maxi floor lamp.

It’s inspired traditional desk lamps and can be oriented as you wish. The ideal spot light for an intimate feel.

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