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Twils, bed Frame

| Designbest editorial staff


freestanding double bed, a small weather-beaten leather sofa, a brightly coloured coffee table and an old trunk, which treasures memories of exotic travels and adventures. And this is basically all you need, you don’t even need a wardrobe. In fact, the back of the headboard doubles up as a small walk-in closet for all your clothes and fashion accessories. This informal scheme is really young and fresh, perfect for a loft apartment or an open-plan studio: there’s a place for everything. Do you think it looks too stark? Fill it up with these three pieces.


Three pieces one style

Polka dot carpet.

This one has a tribal vibe. Its subtle pattern is perfect all year round and what’s more, it adds a much needed pop of colour without being too flashy.  

Wooden screen.

Use it to for zoning: a space to sleep and a space to chill. This wooden piece is ultra modern, as well has having a warm feel. 

Mirror/ clothes hanger.

In bronze for a clear reference to industrial style and fitted with functional wooden hooks. Use it in the master bedroom for hanging robes and towels or in your kid’s room for tees and bags. 

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