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De Padova, bed Asseman
| Designbest editorial staff


he four poster bed, archetype of the romantic ideal, transforms the sleeping space into a sentimental corner and gives the room a fairytale feel. This pure, ethereal, almost weightless piece of furniture comes with a tulle canopy, light and soft like a cloud, and it shares the space with essential pieces in a Nordic style. Nothing else is needed for resting: these few pieces alone evoke a calm atmosphere and a sweet whisper of intimacy.


Our must-haves

Four poster bed. Its romantic soul is inspired by tradition, but its style is essential and its shape rigorous. The filmy canopy in tulle softens the lines, making it a piece with a chic feel.


Rocking chair. This is a timeless piece which evokes family memories and immediately makes you feel at home. Its simple and clean Nordic style gives it a further touch of modernity.


Our style notes

Pure white fabrics. From the sheets to the canopy, from the carpet to the blanket, everything in this room is white. This “non colour” is a must have if you want to create an environment filled with pure and bright elegance.


Wooden furniture. An armchair, a bench, a frame; just a few touches are necessary to delicately warm up the environment. Simple is the key word here and Nordic style is simply a must.
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