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Flou, Taormina bed - design Centro Ricerche Flou

| Designbest editorial staff


he coldest season of the year is drawing near and the bedroom instantly becomes more comforting. The fabric queen bed goes for a sinuous headboard which is as enveloping as an embrace, while traditional seating makes way for a large island for relaxation with an adjustable backrest and a side table. Even the bedside lamp helps create a soft and delicate atmosphere: the adjustable lamps hade regulates the lamp’s brightness for a more intimate effect, while the outdoor light coming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows provides a natural touch which invites us to give in to the approaching evening. It is a space that offers spontaneous relaxation which follows the rhythms of the seasons.


Style details

The enveloping headboard.

Sinuous, soft and enveloping on the sides, this bed becomes a cocoon that combines sleep with an immediate sense of protection.

ph.: bed Taormina di Flou

The sofa-pouf.

This large pouf with a freely adjustable trapezoidal backrest, an evolution on the bench at the foot of the bed, is a versatile piece of décor which has been made for comfort.

The bedside lamp.

All you need is an adjustable lampshade, which you can tilt on the bedside lamp, to create the perfect atmosphere with the perfect interplay of light and shadows.

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