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Maxalto, bed Dike - design Antonio Citterio

| Designbest editorial staff


n this bedroom elegance marries intimacy. The room’s centerpiece is the bed, or rather its imposing and enchanting headboard, which acts as a backdrop and encloses the sleeping area in a discreet embrace. The forms are rigorous, while the tones are delicate and soothing. This bedroom creates refined and inviting relaxation that highlights the pleasure of private moments with a few coquettish details: like the vaguely retro vanity table or the sinuous, pure white chaise-lounge armchair.

Style details

The large headboard.

Imposing and bold, it is the perfect partition to close off the sleeping area or even hide a wardrobe, instantly warming up the room.

ph: bed Dike by Maxalto


The vanity table.

It evokes the antique appeal of retro furniture and reinterprets it a modern way.

ph: desk Sidus by Maxalto


The pure white armchair.

A high backrest, sinuous lines, and headrest cushion: an embrace for those precious moments of relaxation.

ph: armchair Kalos by Maxalto


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