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Atlas Concorde, Nid collection

| Designbest editorial staff


ith the bed in the center of the room and the space defined by an “embroidered” backdrop, the modern bedroom is an open space made for intimacy and relaxation as it mixes creamy and natural colors to open spaces which are expertly blocked off. The bed in the middle of the room is framed by a wall with 3D designs and acts as a panel and headboard. At its feet, there is a sleek bench and cubic pouf which create a small buffet corner for your breakfast. Meanwhile, the nightstand has been replaced by a suspended shelf which perfectly sets apart the changing area with its wall nook and creates the ideal study area for working in peace. The brightness of the suspended lights and the floor lamp in the rear provide a dreamy allure, while the porcelain stoneware flooring perfectly reproducing an enveloping parquet-look gives the right amount of warmth to the entire room.


Style details

The desk-nightstand.

All it takes is a shelf to recreate a nightstand, as long as it isn’t against the wall and suspended between two spaces. In this way, even a tiny study corner can become bright and less cramped.

The nook wardrobe.

Set back and screened off by the wall panel, it has been left open to create a bright and chic wardrobe area. The nook wardrobe is a simple and successful idea to create a closet even when there isn’t much space.

The wood-effect flooring.

Parquet instantly warms up the atmosphere. And this porcelain stoneware perfectly reproduces it while remaining completely practical.

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