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Santa Lucia, Scacco bed

| Designbest editorial staff


he design is sharp, sleek, simple and plays with subtle overlays, creating movement in the room. The bedroom takes on modern and minimal style with some additional details to make it bolder. Thus, the classic clothes hanger gives way to an unusual swing which drops from the ceiling; the old lampshade becomes a spot of color and the headboard a two-toned puzzle framing the bed. The floor is covered with light carpets and mats which entice us with a patchwork effect, immediately making one feel at home. There is an instantaneous feeling of relaxation.

Style details

The carpet-mats.

In various sizes and patterns, to be overlaid as desired, giving a more informal and familiar atmosphere to the room.

The paneled headboard.

Discreet but with personality, it is the perfect alternative to the classic fabric headboard.

The hanging clothes hanger.

In the place of a typical valet stand, an endearing piece of furniture: a simple trapeze where one can tie shoes and place clothes.

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