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Usm Haller System

| Designbest editorial staff


pacious yet intimate, comforting and bright, this bedroom turns a classic piece of furniture into a central composition which sets the tone for our daily routines with pragmatic simplicity. The minimal, quasi-austere bed is super-soft and dressed in white; while the highlight of the room is the modular wardrobe/vertical garden which protects the bed and acts as a room divider. It is an impeccable solution that protects our privacy and keeps everything tidy, while adding a splash of green to supply us with a bit of natural wellness. Next to the window, there is an antique side table and a retro chair creating a small sitting area in order to provide us with the pleasure of a relaxing breakfast in the morning light or a cup of tea before going to bed.


Style details

The modular furniture.

A classic piece of office furniture gets reinterpreted as a wardrobe, creating a contemporary open composition, complete with compartments for plants.

The Nordic bed.

Clean, stripped-down, with a wooden frame and no headboard, this bed goes for the minimal look of Nordic furniture and creates the perfect equilibrium of relaxation.

The retro chair and side table.

The contrast with the modern and industrial furniture makes the sitting area stand out by giving it an antique touch, adding even more sophistication.

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