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Oggioni, bed Abaco Fold

| Designbest editorial staff


floral accent wall in a combination of natural colours and pastel tones frames the bed, creating a romantic, intimate feel. It’s the wallpaper to the set the mood of the room with its 3D textures, complementary colours and different materials. The bed is clean and simple with a contemporary aesthetic. A fresh take on the traditional tufted bed, its cream headboard matches perfectly the neutral palette of the wooden furniture. The scheme is unexpectedly symmetrical: the stools that replace the bedside table are on side and on the other, a minimal chest of drawers and an iridescent stepladder that doubles as a magazine rack and a lamp. And behind you, the exaggerated bouquet wraps the whole room with a dreamy floral note.

Style details

The iridescent stepladder.

A simple stepladder such as this becomes the focal point of your décor as well as adding warmth.

Wooden stools.

A set of stools (a sculptural piece and a retro-inspired one) adds a personal, welcoming feel. No need for the bedside table.

The floral accent wall.

Floral wallpaper is always on trend: go for an exaggerated pattern with a 3D texture and a subtle colour palette. The result is tres chic.

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