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Milano Bedding, bed Bahamas

| Designbest editorial staff


his bedroom interprets your dreams with a contemporary style that combines references of times gone by, a natural touch and handmade accessories, inspired by upcycling. The overall effect is refined, ordered and harmonious and it instantly conveys a feeling and tranquillity and wellbeing, without forgetting style of course. Centre stage, a double bed with a tufted frame and headboard: simple, ergonomic, soft and in a soothing colour palette. An armchair from the fifties is a timeless addition. For the full look: wicker furniture, cubes in metal mesh and retro inspired accessories, add a vintage, familiar feel.

Style details

A tufted headboard.

The removable fabric cover is a practical feature and the colour blue has a soothing effect.

An iconic armchair.

Originally designed by Charles Eames in 1956, this icon adds character and authority.

A wicker footstool.

Partly a footstool and partly a coffee table, pair it up with a oven mat. The natural aesthetic has a soothing feel. 

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