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Alf Da Frè, bed Jordy

| Designbest editorial staff


rey marl, tobacco and cream, our bedroom colour palette is subtle and velvety, in perfect urban-chic style. Elementary geometry is the real key player here, in fact hexagons, cuboids, cones and rounded edges clearly define the space. The furniture is extremely comfortable: the bed upholstered in soft fabric, the ottomans that define two islands, the bedside lamps with diffused light and the sculptural bird that adds a poetic touch. A dreamy bedroom indeed.

Three pieces one style

Cone-shaped lamps.

One has a stem, the other one hasn’t: the two beside lamps have a similar aesthetic yet are mismatched.

Geometric carpet.

Simple and modern geometric patterns; this detail is in perfect metropolitan-style (it can be carried through to the blanket too). 

Fabric headboard.

A reclining padded headboard, upholstered in grey marl. Top comfort combined with sophistication.

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