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Poliform, bed Aton

| Designbest editorial staff


bed inspired by Scandinavian design, brightly coloured accessories with bold aesthetics, a streamlined bookcase, a Persian carpet and even one in stripes. This is a bedroom where a variety of different pieces of furniture and accessories come together in a melting-pot of different styles. It’s a truly personal space with a fresh vibe and plus, you can add a few retro-inspired pieces for that lived-in look.

Three pieces one style


Desk lamp, bedside table and even your bed linen. A hint of sky-blue turns your bedroom in a soothing space.


Overlay two mismatched carpets for that oriental vibe.

Red bedside table.

Red is the sassy colour par excellence. A few splashes of red here and there instantly pump up the style volume, but be mindful of not going over the top, too much red might disrupt your blissful nights.




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