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Riva 1920, Elle Ecrit desk

| Designbest editorial staff


n warm wood, our new study is furnished with unexpected, unconventional pieces: in the middle of the room there’s an old-school desk, at the side there’s a footstool that resembles a suitcase and a coffee table that is literally an oversized pencil sharpener. What else? An ergonomic armchair (equally with a wooden shell) with a fifties feel: the overall scheme, distinguished yet not severe, is full of creative flair, something that makes the space feel more friendly and vibrant.

Style details

A pencil sharpener/ coffee table.

Part sculpture, part coffee table and part footstool: a characterful piece for your study (with a pinch of irony).

A wooden footstool.

At a first glance it could be mistaken for a suitcase, although it’s actually a fun, unconventional footstool/ coffee table that refreshes the style of your old desk.

A large painting.

Go big and pick an extremely modern theme, as long as it’s in black-and-white. Too many colours are going to ruin the elegant effect of the wood. 

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