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GranitiFiandre, collection Woodsy Maximum

| Designbest editorial staff


n L-shaped desk, which runs along a side wall and a few essential accessories: this is how you can turn your windowsill in a study full of natural light. A pure-white colour scheme is broken up by accents in the colour graphite like a wastepaper basket, a task chair and piping on a footstool. What’s more, on the desk-top, bowls and small space organizers for your pens, paper and paperclips. And with a study like this, working alone or in company is a real treat. 


Our must-haves

A corner desk.

The cantilever top, which frames the window is screwed to the wall. This makes the most of a restricted space.

An ergonomic task chair.

This chair has simple and clean aesthetics, however with a hardwearing and extremely comfy seat. This piece is a classy alternative to a more conventional office chair.

Our style notes

Essential accessories.

This is a minimal scheme, so only a few streamlined accessories are allowed.


A large window lets lots of natural light in and a pure-white colour scheme makes this space look even bigger and brighter, even in the greyest of days. White is always chic. 

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