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Moooi, collection Paper + carpet L'Afrique - design Studio Job

| Designbest editorial staff


green corner, an exotic fairy-tale carpet, trompe l’oeil walls and even an elephant out for a stroll next to the desk. Where are we? In the study, naturally, with dreamy décor and vintage-style furniture—but with a totally new spirit—it welcomes us into an imaginative scene of colors and adventure. Alembics, vials, and old utensils that look like they come from a mad scientist’s lab blend in with exotic plants, wild animals and mysterious characters hidden amongst the carpet’s scene. The result is a decidedly anti-conventional home office space with a vibrant atmosphere dedicated to creativity.

Style details

The green cupboard.

Try to paint grandmother’s cupboard in this emerald green shade and it will immediately acquire a completely new allure.

The retro desk.

The classic desk of yesteryear with two side compartments becomes fresh and super-contemporary in this wood and fiberboard version refinished in paper and lacquer.

The imaginative carpet.

Lively, noisy, and almost excessive, with a carpet like this even the most banal study becomes a place charged with inspiration and energy.

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