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Lema, collection Selecta

| Designbest editorial staff


ith floor-to-ceiling glazing, our living room looks onto the garden; this space is ideal for setting up a study, where you can concentrate and work in peace and quiet. Right in the centre of the room, pushed against the glass, there’s a wide worktable which doubles-up as a desk; this frames the study. And there’s also an overhead bookcase with plenty of open shelves. In this informal relaxed living room, everything has its rightful place and is within reach: books, flea market finds and coffee tables with circular tops, scattered here and there. The perfect balance of work and play.

Three pieces one style

Overhead bookcase.

It frames both study and window, building a welcoming and bright room; this makes the most of any available space, without cluttering up your floor.

Retro pieces.

An old ornament, a wheatear beaten wooden box and a cog, which reminds us of industrial machinery.

Rounded coffee tables.

Get them in different sizes and display them as a group or stand-alone pieces. They are perfect stands for books, magazines and miscellaneous objects.

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