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Runtal, radiator Jet-X

| Designbest editorial staff


nd who says, you can’t carve away space for a home office even in a small studio apartment? Here, your desk goes right in the middle of the room next to a bookcase room divider, a cool alternative to relegating your desk to a dark corner. Shelves keep all your mess at bay, and separate the study from the rest of the space. Kitchen and sofa-bed on one side of the room divider, and desk on the other; this makes the most of the sunniest spot in the flat. Plus, this is a really versatile scheme: the large desk can become a dining table.

Three pieces one style

Iconic chair.

Clean, crisp and practical; these are the qualities of a perfect study. Plus, an iconic piece adds instant style.

Bookcase divider.

Be it in plasterboard with many different shelves or a freestanding bookcase (perhaps with open storage); this divider is perfect as it doesn’t way the room down.

Desk with shelves.

This is for you if you want to avoid the corporate look: a desk with built-in shelves for storing all your files and documents, and it matches the bookcase.

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