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Tonelli Design, table Kasteel

| Designbest editorial staff


bookcase in pure-white, a writing desk in crystal and an iconic stool. This is exactly what you need for an elegant study, which doesn't have to take up more than a corner of your living room. There’s a large floor lamp which has just waltzed in from your seating area, and lights the work space. Practicality reigns supreme, however it’s a kind of sophisticated elegance which dictates style rules. The overall tone is sophistication itself, home office and living room are free-flowing and light-filled spaces which dialogue together.

Three pieces one style

See-through desk.

This minimal piece in crystal is almost imperceptible. So, a larger design won’t weigh your decor down.

Large floor lamp.

Slimline rod, large cylindrical lampshade. The perfect piece to light your workspace, and when not in use it won’t even look out of place in your living room or dining room.

Iconic stool.

This is a real sixities icon. Perfect as a standalone piece, avoid going over the top with other famous icons.

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