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Magis, table Brut, stool Sequoia and trolley 360° Container

| Designbest editorial staff


large desk with adjustable legs, four minimalist stools complete with footrests and a cabinet on wheels with rotatable drawers and a shelf: the perfect pieces of furniture to organize a spacious home office—a space to be shared with the whole family, even when one isn’t studying or working. All it takes is a runner and some placemats to create a modern and informal dining room for eating together or organizing an unexpected happy hour.

Style details

The adjustable desk.

In place of the legs, there are two adjustable stands; in this way the dining room table becomes a versatile desk for our home office space.

ph: table Brut di Magis

The minimalist stools.

Graphic, minimal and comfortable. Et voilà, these stools avoid the obvious bar-stool look and become elegant and practical objects of décor.

ph: stool Sequoia by Magis

The rotatable cabinet.

In place of the classic office version, this columned cabinet with rotatable drawers and a shelf is a versatile piece of furniture that is perfect in the kitchen or dining room.

ph: trolley 360° Container by Magis

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