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USM, home office collection

| Designbest editorial staff


arge, bright, well-organized, exciting and welcoming. The office moves inside the home and combines the practical functionality of “work” furniture to the more intimate and familiar atmosphere of the home for an impeccable teleworking setup. The extra-large wooden desk stands out in the center of the room with its legs that imitate traditional trestles, while in the background a bookcase-storage unit stretches out against the wall to keep documents, magazines, books and belongings tidy. And for sitting down? In addition to a classic ergonomic chair, colorful stools surround the desk in perfect industrial style amongst some armchairs (for those well-deserved breaks). And finally, on the floor a rug with shades of gray welcomes us in style and cushions our feet in order to enhance our comfort and concentration.

Style details

The extra-large desk.

The classic desk with trestles and a wooden top reminds one of industrial style and adds a powerful (but not heavy) touch to the home office.

The bookcase-storage unit.

With open shelves and drop-down compartments, traditional office furniture can also create a perfect composition at home that is both functional and elegant.

The stools.

The industrial stools with vivid colors replace the typical office chairs in order to create a more informal atmosphere with a pinch of creativity.

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