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source: Fritz Hansen
| Designbest editorial staff


n the vintage office chairs come directly from the 50s and they share the space with a modern and distinguished desk, symbol of well-planned efficiency.  Is the working space a thing of the past or the fulfillment of a contemporary need? This room seems to suggest an answer, with its few vintage objects, strategically located around the space: mixing old rules and new lifestyles is the key to having a vibrant and relaxing home office.


Our must-haves

Vintage chairs. They can come with armrests, be iconic pieces or simple stools; each of them has to be different from the others. Go and find them in basements or in antiques markets, they will definitely warm up the environment.


Table lamp. An adjustable piece in perfect industrial style and with a strong personality; it lights up the room even when switched off.


Essential desk. The design is minimalist, clean and delicate. Its strongest feature is the wide working surface, which makes it an ideal piece for family reunions or dinners between friends.


Hand-made accessories. One of them is enough to give a personal touch to the working environment. Just keep in mind that it must be theatrical and unique, like the Eiffel Tower made of corks.


Our style notes

A few touches of the 50s. The decor of this room, with its chair and lamp, evokes the dynamic mood of Postwar times.


Wood and metal. They are combined with delicacy, both in the furniture and the accessories, creating an ideal mix for the working space. The effect is that of a cozy environment with an industrial touch.
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