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Vitra, Pacific Chair - design Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

| Designbest editorial staff


eutral and bright tones, sharp and minimal lines: the study plays with a relaxing atmosphere where a balance between colors and volumes creates the perfect atmosphere for working. The clear highlight is the minimalist desk in this total black version. Elsewhere, the furniture is white and in light-toned wood to give it that versatile and discrete Nordic mood, allowing space for scattered accessories able to give off a sense well-ordered freedom. Just one note of color is needed to break the room’s austerity: the patterned pillows in bright colors create a relaxation corner to stimulate creativity, perfect for unplugging your mind and recharging your energy.

Style details

The black desk.

Rigorous, minimalist with slender legs and a large surface. An emblem of functionality becomes chic in this black version.

The “natural” stools.

In wood or cork, they are discretely placed around the room, always useful as side tables or extra chairs.

Multicolor pillows.

A bright note that breaks the room’s Nordic austerity. In this way a small relaxation corner gets invented without the need for sofas or armchairs.

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