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Ceramica Rondine, collection Luxury

| Designbest editorial staff


his bright loft apartment visually increases the space of the main living area, for maximum freedom. The centre of the room is purposely kept empty, whereas the sofa pushed against the wall and the knitted footstool/ side table create a secluded, intimate corner. The back of the room however, is the perfect space to study and work: bathed in natural light, yet far from the confusion of the rest of the space, the simple trestle table is lit up by a spotlight and a chandelier, they don’t clutter the surface and create the perfect atmosphere to concentrate and avoid distractions. And there’s a bicycle too, the perfect means for a quick escape, after work is over. The perfect combination of hedonism and dynamism.

Style details

A knitted footstool.

Soft, cosy, inspired by one of granny’s sweaters and it has a top that doubles as a comfortable tray too. For a comfortable style.

A spotlight.

Dramatic, sharp, characterful: this is the perfect light for a study area. 

A trestle table.

Simple and discreet, it focuses on practicality. DIY one yourself with an old board and two foldable trestle legs. 



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