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Myin, Labor desk

| Designbest editorial staff


ere we have a piece of living room furniture which, for all intents and purposes, looks like a simple sideboard. However, it casually conceals a well-equipped study within itself. With homes becoming more and more fluid, spaces and functions are getting combined to keep everything tidy and nearby. In this context, a drop-down desk is the must-have piece for a “smart” lifestyle. Minimal yet practical, elegant yet flawless, it matches perfectly with the Fifties-style chair and allows you to work both comfortably and stylishly. And when you want to kick back, all you need to do is close the panel and get comfortable in the large white pouf and stretch your feet out onto the carpet. Lastly, the light calls back to Christmastime and instantly adds a bit of magic to the space.


Style details

The drop-down desk.

While closed it is a living room sideboard; while open it is a desk which turns the space into a minimal yet organized study.

The retro chair.

This padded wooden chair goes for a Fifties look. It is perfect for keeping comfortable while you work without having to go for less elegant office chairs.

The large pouf.

White and round, it fits discreetly into the space and creates an unexpected relaxation and reading area.

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