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Ragno, collection Tactile

| Designbest editorial staff


ahogany, tobacco, graphite: the more intense earth tones characterize the new contemporary study. Almost monastic austerity combined with refined detailing, the new home office draws inspiration from the forties. The desk, armchair and lamp aren’t solely for working or studying: with slender silhouettes and sharp features, they become the key players of a sophisticated setting and bring the rules of rational design to a simple yet elegant space, current yet timeless.

Three pieces one style

Streamlined style.

Streamlined legs on one side, crossed on the other. The right piece to add style to the entire room.


Round and cocoon-like, it softens the space and makes us feel comfortable and safe. 

Wooden panelling.

The tiles are the natural continuation of the floor, mimicking the warmth of wood. As a result, the overall space is instantly more intimate and welcoming.

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