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Zanotta, Cavour CM desk - design Carlo Mollino

| Designbest editorial staff


n order to concentrate and work better, we need a bright, tidy, relaxing and stimulating space. So, why not choose nature and try to recreate the atmosphere of a green oasis in the study? The desk, armchair and large bookshelf as always go for functionality, but get framed by a cascade of plants which furnish the workspace with an unexpected mood that makes us feel good. Pots and wooden pieces get alternated in a dynamic balance which fills the space with a linear and timeless design, amongst icons of the past and contemporary comfort.


Style details

The asymmetric desk.

This 1950s timeless and cult piece in wood and glass perfectly balances a family atmosphere and trendy look.

The leather chair.

Rigorous, light and austere, this steel and leather director’s chair provides the study with right amount of authority.

The plants.

Potted, on the floor or shelves, spread around the workspace, plants are the perfect elements of décor for providing a room with intimacy, warmth and harmony.

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