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Varier, chairs Move and Variable Balans

| Designbest editorial staff


n extra-large chalkboard paired up with gigantic lettering; this instantly brings back memories (sweat or sour as the case may be) of the first day of school. However, times have most definitely changed, we are now in the era of the clutter-free desk and a notebook, is every kid’s new bestie. This fresh schoolroom-inspired style dictates: a small pencil case, an adjustable desk lamp and an ergonomic task chair. Furthermore, our deliciously modern study space is dynamic just like the times we live in, but a little dash of nostalgia adds that personal touch. 


Our must-haves

A chalkboard.

Be it small or completely out of scale, you can even paint your walls with appropriate paint. This will instantly bring back the same vibe of an old schoolroom.

An ergonomic task chair.

Be it a rocking chair or one with a built-in knee-rest; this will improve and support your posture in the right way. Also available as a stool.

Our style notes

A trestle desk.

It recalls old work benches, but it has a distinctly modern kind of elegance. And this colour is also an extremely chic choice.

An adjustable desk lamp.

It’s retro-inspired, however its functionality never goes out of fashion. A lamp like this one is truly a timeless piece. 

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