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Ever Life Design, multifunctional seat Roll- design Diego Cisi & Archiplan

| Designbest editorial staff


ordic style that goes for lightly-shaded wood and neat, stripped-down lines is what is need for putting together a study dedicated to order and harmony. And it does so without giving up on personality. If on the one hand there is an impeccable balance between light and functionality, on the other hand its practical, multitasking accessories are what set it apart and give the room energy: as with the dynamic and scenic (but not gaudy) fish-bone pattern of the wood paneling, or the trendy Classic Blue pouf, which with its netting keeps things tidy and books and accessories at hand. Plus, there is the wooden basket that imitates a chair with a slim backrest that both enhances it and acts as a comfortable handle for moving it around. These clever details transform the study into a youthful and versatile atmosphere.

Style details

The pouf with net.

It takes very little to transform a classic cylindrical pouf into a special item, as we can see with this object-holding netting. 

The basket with handle.

Baskets are convenient for putting away toys, magazines and clothes. This one can also be easily moved with its ergonomic handle.

The wood paneling.

The decorative fish-bone cuts are perfect for creating a modern and discrete room.

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