Kids' room

A perfectly organized kid’s bedroom

An over bed storage that makes the most of the corner space, a bed on castors with ample storage and a simple and practical shelf, perfect for homework. What more could you need to organise your kid’s bedroom?

Kids' room

A bedroom in sky-blue where order and relaxation rule

Antarctica is the main source of inspiration for this kid’s bedroom. A polar bear is spotted in the distance, next to silhouettes of icebergs and an igloo-shaped bed that seems to be floating on an ice slab.

Kids' room

A jungle-themed bedroom

Bring out your child’s inner explorer with this jungle-themed bedroom: stylized palm leaves and lime green.

Kids' room

White and blue for a good night’s sleep

Without a doubt, any kid’s room needs lots of light and has to be really practical. Just like this one: a few key pieces, perfect for keeping everything within reach, and a bed upholstered in soft fabric.

Kids' room

In this kid’s room, a study area made from a shelf

Any respectable kid’s room has to have a well-planned study area, big enough for two study partners. So, what’s better than a streamlined desk for laptop, books and stationary?

Kids' room

A dreamy child’s room in sky blue

White and pale blue is the perfect colour combination for a child’s attic bedroom, which makes the most of every inch. On one side, floor to ceiling storage with a corner wardrobe and bookcase for storing books and toys.

Kids' room

A child’s attic room inspired by a tree house

Without a doubt, a child’s room is private, exclusive, sometimes even a secret world, and the perfect to place to hideaway by yourself or in company. Just like this attic room, inspired by a tree house...

Best Choice

5 kids' beds which please also the parents

Let’s face it, decorating a child’s bedroom is also fun for the parents. This is especially true, if you go for creative themes: camping under a starry sky, a magical adventure in a castle, a tree-house...