Moretti Compact, collection KC415

| Designbest editorial staff


wo beds, two desks, two wardrobes…The space in the kids’ room has been perfectly split into two, although at a first glance there’s a sense of continuity that conveys perfect balance. This is all thanks to this delicate shade of sky-blue that creates a dynamic feel, whereas the crisp furniture run the entire length of the wall, making the most of the available space. A freestanding bookcase splits the room in two. With its open grid, it creates the ideal screen as well as producing the right degree of intimacy. 

Style details

A maxi-desk.

This desk is used by two people (or more). A smart alternative to having two separate desks, for studying with friends.

A bookcase/room divider.

Its open shelving creates tiny windows, the right compromise between intimacy and conviviality. Provided that you keep it clutter free. 


This colour is soothing, harmonious and helps you rest. So, why don’t you go for other shades from its colour palette, mixing bold splashes of colour? The overall effect is bound to be cheerful and soothing. 




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