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Moretti Compact, collection KC212

| Designbest editorial staff


hite and pale blue is the perfect colour combination for a child’s attic bedroom, which makes the most of every inch. On one side, floor to ceiling storage with a corner wardrobe and bookcase for storing books and toys. And on the other, a single bed with high sides, so you can turn it into a comfy sofa, when need be. And what goes in the centre? This scheme couldn’t be complete without desk, which gets lots of light from the skylight and a chest of drawers on castors which you can move close to your bed, turning it into a bedside table. A limited number of pieces with a clean line, but this is all you need for a cosy room with a dreamy feel. Plus, different shades of blue and splashes of white create a soothing space with a touch of magic.

Three pieces one style

Corner wardrobe.

Floor to ceiling storage built around a 90° angle, perfect if space is at a premium. A solution which doesn’t clutter the room up.

Chest of drawers on castors.

You can move it around, and even place it at the feet of your bed. You can turn it into a bedside table or linen storage.


Go for all the shades of the sky, strictly in pastel tones with a splash of white. A soothing feel is guaranteed, and the room instantly feels brighter and more spacious.

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