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Zalf, bunk bed Slide

| Designbest editorial staff


standard bunk bed is an ideal space-saving piece. Besides, a bunk bed that includes storage bags and bookshelves is ideal for two siblings as it creates separate areas and bespoke compartments. Similarly, to the wardrobe that makes the most of the available space, creating a separate compartment for each person without cluttering up the space. The tiny wall-mounted bookshelves and an ergonomic desk with a large circular drawer complete the scheme: everything is in order and within reach.

Style details

An ergonomic desk.

Large with a curved silhouette and a maxi-drawer and an integrated lamp, perfect for working in pairs too.

Storage bags.

It hangs on the side of the bed, besides it replaces a bedside table and is a practical idea for storing books, glasses and toys.

A corner wardrobe.

It's exactly what you need to make the most of the space, freeing up the rest of the room. Compact, practical and spacious.

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