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| Designbest editorial staff


unctional and simple designs set the tone of the kid’s room. The wall-mounted, double-sided bookshelf provides, when needed, a visual separation for a shared bedroom for two. What’s more the padded headboard of the bed is an invite for children to read while the wall in blackboard paint – with its pastel tones – makes for a personal addition to the room. The world of dreams is as simple as this: just take your chalk and be ready for drawing…


Our must-haves

Open shelving.

A simple model with double-sided open shelves: it provides easy storage for books and toys and doubles as a functional divider for shared rooms.

Bed with upholstered headboard.

It helps us read protect our children’s heads: a timeless detail which is both functional and cozy.

Minimalist desk.

The desk top must be large and spacious with smooth edges. Doing homework has never been so comfortable. 

Our style notes

Wall in blackboard paint.

Use the surface to draw or doodle to leave messages or keep lists throughout the house. Go wild with the blackboard and add your personal touch to the bedroom.

Magnetic picture holder.

With its clean lines it acts as a functional surface to leave messages, track appointments or hold pictures….for endless possibilities.

Iconic lamp.

With its bold, endless design this lamp provides a beautiful addition to the room which will appeal to kids and the child in everyone. 

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