Stokke, bed Home™

| Designbest editorial staff

bed built like a play house, a chair that grows with your child, a few little quirks and what’s more, lots of white. With these simple rules, you can turn even the plainest of rooms into a secret den. This room is made for pretend play, a space where any kid can make up stories and live fantastical adventures. What’s more, a functional layout will make tiding up all lot easier. Your kid is bound to have the time of life here and maybe you’ll enjoy joining in the fun!


3 pieces one style

Bird chair.

This seat is effectively an extra large bird, a fun take on the traditional rocking horse. A quirky touch!

Balloon lamps.

What kid doesn’t like balloons? And this luminous version is simply jaw-dropping.

Elephant stool.

This timber-framed stool is covered by a canvas elephant snout, perfect for endless hours of play exploring the Savanna.

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