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Dielle, kids room K04
| Designbest editorial staff


he wall-mounted set has clean lines and doesn't clutter up the space. The bed takes centre stage with bold colours, almost as to invite the rest of the furniture to play. Sunny tones and stripes just like a pop-art picture. Just a few striking details are what you need  to warm up the grey of the room. No more neutrality, your kid's room is now a place with a sense of wonder. Add some iconic 1950s items with a touch of metal details for a vaguely retro-feel, inspired by industrial design. Fashionable and on trend.


Our must-haves


Wall-mounted set. Wall-mounted set, fitted with open shelving. Storage under the bed as well as over it. There's plenty of space for everything, but don't forget to choose bold colours.


Free standing lamp. It comes in handy to light up the space – no need for a bedside lamp here. It must be a timeless piece with a retro-feel. Better still if it's an iconic piece of design.


Our style notes


Fluorescent colours. The grey colour scheme: elegant, formal, discreet. If you want to decorate for a teenager you need to consider adding some playful colours.


Vintage items. There's a mini fan found in the attic, a calendar from the 60s and grandma's telly. Also an updated radio – a modern version – of an old model. By including some 50s style touches, the room is both retro and sophisticated.


Metal. Glossy, painted or untreated, metal in itself remind us of the industrial style. Reinterpret this note freely to add your own modern touch to the room.
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