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Zalf, desk Minimal

| Designbest editorial staff


ny respectable kid’s room has to have a well-planned study area, big enough for two study partners. So, what’s better than a streamlined desk for laptop, books and stationary? A wall-mounted wooden shelf adds a fresh young vibe; this doesn’t clutter the room up, also perfect for having friends over. Plus, you can add wall-mounted boxes for books and school essentials, and an adjustable desk lamp becomes the right reading light. Clean and simple aesthetics for a new type of study, the perfect blend of function and style.

Three pieces one style

Wall-mounted storage.

Wall-mounted white boxes in a succession of solids and voids, a simple storage solution which adds a touch of drama.

Adjustable lamp.

Frees up desk space if wall-mounted, but it has to have an adjustable arm and shade.

Wooden shelf.

It runs the entire length of the wall, more workspace than a conventional desk and its high sides protect the wall.

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