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Moretti Compact, collection KC310

| Designbest editorial staff


ecorated in a muted colour palette, our kid’s bedroom is a bright serene space. This is a well-planned spatial layout and every inch has been used to great effect: take the wardrobe for instance, capacious but not bulky, or the desk that with its slated silhouette runs the entire length of the wall, perfect for studying and drawing. The overall look however includes a diverse range of objects, inspired by the sassy tropical beaches. With candy-pink flamingos, sky-blue dolphins and brightly coloured flowers, this bedroom becomes the perfect hideaway, whether it’s for a little-princess, a budding surfer or a teenager who longs for an adventure.

Three pieces one style

Decorative shelf.

Assemble several shelves together to build a decorative freeze that adds a fun touch.

Slanted desk.

It you place it beside the window it will make the most of this odd corner. A simple and practical space-saving idea.

Corner wardrobe.

This two-tone wardrobe blends in the background, but it’s capacious too. A great alternative to an extra-large cupboard.

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