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| Designbest editorial staff


tudy area below and sleeping quarters above. This bedroom is really well planned: large separate spaces, which can still be intimate and cosy. This spatial arrangement helps kids to concentrate and once studying is over, they can chill in their private gallery. And what about wardrobe space? It’s designed to make the most of the space underneath the stairs. 

Our must-haves

Study area.

This space is clean and simple, however it has everything you could possibly wish for. You only need a desk with enough room for your PC and an ergonomic chair. Then, add shelves and storage units; this will help keeping your room tidy and to have everything to hand.

A padded headboard.

Be it fabric, leather or timber… The bed complements your chosen scheme. However, opting for a padded headboard will certainly be the most comfortable choice for your kids, who can chill and listen to music.

Our style notes

Under-stair closet.

Closet space is never enough for teenagers, especially girls. So, gear up with a maxi four-seasons wardrobe, which if built under the stairs doesn’t take up any space.

Wall-mounted storage.

Go for wall-mounted storage instead of drawers and large bookcases. Shelves and open storage which look as if they are climbing on the wall; a splash of colour ties in study area and sleeping quarters together. 

A glass gallery.

This feature is lightweight, bright and almost ethereal. What’s more, it doesn’t weigh down the room and still affords the right amount of privacy. A perfect idea of the room is small.

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