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Tomasella, Tommy Young kid's room

| Designbest editorial staff


he bed with a bridge wardrobe creates a small enveloping cocoon in the kids’ room which perfectly sets apart the sleeping area. Minimalist yet enhanced by the wardrobe, the bed becomes the highlight of the kids’ room without taking space away from play and studying. Even the desk stays in line with the bed’s minimal mood and only has a simple shelf to keep pens and stationery in order. Nearby there is a belted pouf which amusingly replaces the classic office chair (but is just as comfortable). What more is needed? Well, there is a mini bookshelf which is made up of two frames on the wall, an unexpected reading corner with lots of books stacked on the floor, a geometric side table and a light bulb hanging from the ceiling so you can freely and comfortably read on the carpet.


Style details

The nook bed.

The bridge wardrobe is a practical, spacious and stylish solution. It creates a nook which turns the sleeping area into a small, intimate and enveloping cocoon.

The suspended lamp.

All it takes is an exposed bulb and a hanging wire to give a youthful twist to the entire room.

The belt pouf.

Office chairs are definitely ergonomic, but this pouf, which can also be used as a nightstand, is an amusing detail and a fun and practical alternative.

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