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Moretti Compact - Vogue Collection

| Designbest editorial staff


hen we say “kid’s room” we immediately think of the space that isn’t there and never will be. Whether it is long and narrow or wide and square, the room that encloses the world of our little ones never seems to be big enough. But are you sure that it’s not the furniture’s fault? A wardrobe, bed and desk are indispensable, but at times they aren’t the right ones. If you don’t know how to resolve the problem, allow yourselves to be inspired by these compositions. They aim for small space-saving solutions that take advantage of every centimeter and increase, as if by magic, the room’s square footage.


A closet and retractable bed

The perfect room for having friends over has tons of space for playing, a comfortable desk and a retractable bed to be pulled out when needed. Plus, the closet takes advantage of the corner and ceiling’s height to keep clothes tidy without clutter.

moretti compact

Moretti Compact - VG101 Set


The multiuse desk

A girl’s desk is always overflowing with objects. But it is useless to buy one that will take up the entire room. So just toy with an angular, spacious and colorful wall unit that furnishes without weighing things down. There will be space for a peninsula desk in the center of the room that is perfect for one, two or more. Both sides can be used for studying and chatting, and together with the velvet pink pouf it even creates a small makeup table.

moretti compact

Moretti Compact - VG105 Set


Bookshelves with a study corner

For teens, a computer is all that is need for studying. So make way for a wall composition that includes a wardrobe, bookshelf and a lighted study corner. Compact yet extremely functional, it replaces the classic desk and recovers enough space for setting up a bigger bed.

moretti compact

Moretti Compact - VG301 Set



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