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Letti & Co., TV2 collection

| Designbest editorial staff


n this kid’s bedroom, fabric beds upholstered in bold colours are complemented by salvaged pieces and multifunctional accessories. Here, a metal chest of drawers instead of a bedside table; this sits alongside lived-in timber stools and a paint can, instead of a conventional waste basket…. The space is open and brings out our creativy. This is just the perfect haven for free-spirited teenagers and youngsters.


Our must-haves

Reclining headboard.

Wide, reclining and with a “hugging” feel: this headboard feels snug and is just perfect for your relaxation.

Pendant lamps.

Hanging over the bed, they have ethereal aesthetics, an unconventional design and an ironic touch. What’s more, these lamps will leave you freedom to move around the space.


Our style notes

Metal drawer unit.

Salvaged from an old office, it has a clear industrial style and adds a “serious” touch to the space. It’s also ultra functional.

The mirror-storage.

If you want to make the most of your space, go for something unsual such as this cheerful mirror which doubles up as a functional storage unit.

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