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Clever, composition Start 35

| Designbest editorial staff


e have to admit that total white is an unusual choice for a child’s bedroom, nonetheless one of great visual impact. White walls and furniture will turn your child’s den into a blank canvas, a space where rules and restrictions clear the way for fun and games. The overall feel is ethereal and soothing. Padded pieces with soft silhouettes, even the toys are in white. What’s more, your kids will have fun personalising this room with a colourful mix of stuffed animals, dolls, clothes, drawings and toy cars. Such fun!  

3 pieces one style

Happy stool.

In total white, but with a smiley face on the seat. Without a doubt, the right piece to put a smile on any face. 

Space age lamp.

Part spaceship and part sea creature; this playful piece fills the room with lots of light and a touch of magic.

Rocking horse.

Instead of a traditional rocking horse; this bird-shaped rocker is ready to be saddled. Perfect for going against the norm and inventing endless adventures. 

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