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Moretti Compact, collection KP 101

| Designbest editorial staff


verbed units are designed to make the most of a corner space, ideal for a child’s bedroom, especially if space is at a premium. And clever detailing will stop the furniture feeling too heavy: accents in lemon-yellow add a cheerful note to a pure-white background; open-shelving at the foot of the bed streamlines the whole look. The final touch is a height-adjustable drafting table, so both young kids and teens can do their homework.

Three pieces one style

Sunny colours.

Yellow is an extremely bright colour, perfect for cheering up a plain room, without being too disruptive to your sleep or concentration.

Slimline bookcase.

An overbed unit with a built-in bookcase. In this way, the bedroom is snug without feeling pokey.

Adjustable desk.

The traditional drafting table is perfect for any age, it suits individual needs and can be adjusted as your child grows.

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